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Yarn Dyed Striped Coverall

Yarn Dyed Striped Coverall
Yarn Dyed Striped Coverall

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A classic yarn-dyed pattern, this long sleeve coverall offers soft cotton comfort with a touch of spandex to prevent sagging and bagging. The cuffs fold down to cover baby's hands and feet, the extra-long zipper makes for quick changes, and the zip tab cover put your little one's comfort first!
Product Details
* Classic Yarn-Dyed Stripes
* 95% Cotton/ 5% Spandex
* Zipper from Neck to Ankle for Quick Diaper Changes
* Custom Foldable Cuffs for Hands & Feet
* Machine Washable, Lay Flat to Dry

Newborn (0-8 LBS)
*Height 18 - 21cm
*Chest 15 1/2cm
*Waist 16cm

3 Month (8-12 LBS)
*Height 21 - 24cm
*Chest 17 1/2cm
*Waist 18cm

6 Months (12-16 LBS) -
*Height 24 - 27cm
*Chest 18cm
*Waist 18 1/2cm

9 Months (16-18 LBS)
*Height 27 - 29cm
*Chest 18 1/2cm
*Waist 19cm